Monday, 20 April 2015


There are seven types of questions in English.

1.      Yes-No Questions
·         Are you coming?

2.      Wh-Questions
·         Why are you doing this?
·         Which of this is correct?
·         Who knows answers to this question?
·         What is your name?
·         Where are the kids?

3.     Tag questions
·         He loves her, doesn’t he?
·         You are going to the movie, aren’t you?
·         Nobody saw the queen, did they?

4.     Choice Questions

·         Would you like coffee or tea?
·         Are you sad or happy?

5.     Hypothetical Questions


·         If you had the power to be invisible, what would you do?
·         What would you do if you could fly like a butterfly?

6.     Embedded questions
·         She asked me if I could drop her at home.

7.     Leading questions
We ask leading questions when we desire to get a particular answer. Used for investigations and research.

·         Were you near her when she boarded the train?

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  1. Takes me back to school, this post :) The pains my English teacher took to explain to me these things.


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