Saturday, 18 April 2015

New Beginnings

At the Dubai shopping festival

To start anew is always an interesting turn in anyone’s life. I too have faced it many times. Be it the change from bachelorhood to married life or shifting from the comfort zone of the home where I had spent most of my life.

Marriage usually changes things and makes us want to soar high seeking to fulfill not only one’s own dreams but also that of our partner. My greatest ambition was to work abroad and it came true a few months after marriage when I got a chance to visit UAE for searching a job. It was a sudden change for us both.

I had to leave her behind as I had to first find a job and then settle down. I wanted to give her the comfort of being in a settled house. Not building one from scratch. I adjusted to the new country and found a job soon. The application for family status also got approved and I brought her to Dubai. We shifted into a friend’s flat which was vacant then for two months.

By the end of two months, we had searched out a new accommodation and it was fun building a new home together. We searched for used yet comfortable and affordable furniture. We went to the supermarkets to buy utensils and also the things that we would need in our new home.

It was scary at times as I was the only earning member and it was a place which was away from home. If an emergency came, we would not have had any help in that strange country where both of us had very few friends.

But within a few months, my wife also got a job and we became financially stable. We were even able to spend on luxuries which were till then out of reach. Weekend parties at food courts, office parties, impromptu trips, life had suddenly changed rosy.

From then on, every change didn’t scare me like it used to do. It was as if by being independent and having built my new world from scratch, I had acquired a new skill. I could look up and face any challenge life was about to offer.

The horizon which sometimes was clouded with dark clouds did not scare me anymore. It is easy to survive even in the bleakest of circumstances if you are ready to give up on your fears and is ready to accept the changes that come with time.

Time often is the best teacher and hence it is good if we learn to take chances. The choices that we make are often what change our destiny. The more courage we show during times of a new change, the more we are able to achieve in life.

Always start a new life with optimism.

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