Saturday, 11 April 2015

Memorable Moments

My mother

Often there comes a moment when nothing seems to work. Everything that you do starts to become a failure. In those moments, if you are lucky enough, you will have someone enter your life who will change your whole perspective about life as a whole. For me, that person is my mother.

In my life too, I have had moments when I was desperate and down in the pits of failure. Even after passing out from a good institute with very good marks, I had a tough time finding a good job. But then I guess, that happens to everyone who doesn’t have a god father in their lives to push them up the corporate ladder.

When I call and talk with my mother my every worry evaporates into thin air. I am the youngest of her kids and hence the most pampered one. She would take time to prepare my favourite food whenever I am home and would always give me preference. I took full advantage of being the youngest.

Hence, the worst time came when she was down with a liver problem and couldn’t even talk to me properly. I was working miles away in Dubai while she was in Kerala. I rushed to her all the way from Dubai and just being near her calmed me down. I took her to the best hospital possible and told her to be strong and that I needed her. My siblings gave me courage and we all together made her come out from the ordeal. The doctor was surprised at her change and he attributed it to our dedication to her, our love.

After she was discharged from hospital, we came home and I spent the rest of the week talking to her and fulfilling all her wishes. It was such a relief to be able to see her back in complete health. I thanked every moment to God for bringing her out of the situation.

Those were the moments when I found how much I loved her. How much a mother means to her son. It is always difficult to express one’s true feelings towards the ones we love. But often love is the only thing that is capable of working miracles. Most of the diseases according to science are created due to the feeling of not being loved.

Our parents gives us the world sacrificing their precious moments and energy. But do we spend time with them once we become busy with our own lives?

Often it happens that we neglect our parents after we settle in life and get married to the person we love. But do we not have an equal or more responsibility towards the person who were responsible to bring us into this world?

I believe that moments with our loved ones are what makes us live by giving us a push forward in life. May we be able to love and protect them always!


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