Monday, 13 April 2015

Look Up and Wait for the magic

Good old days

I love changes. I always see changes as challenges that I need to face. When I look back, changes has always been for the good.

There was a time when I was happy with a nine to five job that gave me plenty of free time. I was working in a government job and there was no work pressure. Then I joined a job abroad where there was no prescribed time for my duties and I had to be at the beck and call of my manager at all times. This transition was hard for me initially. More than that sometimes, the duty time changed to night shifts and it was very tough to adjust.

I had my wife with me and we were in a different country and away from both of our near and dear ones. It was tough for us both. But we became each other’s strength and sometimes we used to meet each other on the road and would be able to say just a bye. I would be on the way to my job and she would be returning from hers.

It was difficult. But love is indeed a magical thing. In spite of all the difficulties, we bonded well with time and life treated us well. With both of us earning nicely, we could indulge ourselves in luxuries and do things that we always wanted to do.

We could go on impromptu trips on weekends and visit places we always wanted to visit. We were able to find moments of happiness amidst all the chaos our jobs were throwing our way. It was tough but we managed despite being desolate with the sudden changes.

As always, times change and so do we. I managed to find a different job that gave me more financial stability and free time. From then on, life treated us good. She pursued her own field of interest and I was also able to be tension free and satisfied with the way my career was progressing. Time again changed as recession set in and I had to shift back to my native country again. But then again the change was for the good.

I found a new stable job in a place where the climate and conditions were better than all the places that I worked. A new member entered our family and my son made all the changes seem welcome. From then on, whatever came our way, brought new changes, but happy ones at that. It was life’[s way of testing us and we were happy with every change that came our way.

As wise people say, the only thing that is constant about life is change. It can be difficult, but it can be also the best thing that happened to you. A single change can catapult you into an unknown arena where you might find yourself as the expert. So always #lookup.

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