Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G anyone?

In a household where there are multiple users for the same Wifi broadband, the connection becomes painfully slow. My toddler screams when his cartoon videos buffer. Poor thing, he thinks I have done something to make the videos stop. I can’t make him understand that the culprit is slow internet.

I feel put off to log onto facebook, linkedin or twitter when the internet connection is slow. Waste of time it becomes. That which would have loaded within seconds takes minutes to load and it is very frustrating to the core.
High-speed 4G internet at the price of 3G, that is the new promise from Airtel. I think it is an amazing and tempting offer. Just tweet with #GetAirtel4G and the sim will be home delivered. Isn’t that great?

I like browsing the net to update myself about the latest technologies in construction, the latest electronic technologies and also check out new places to visit. Though I am caught up in my work, I am planning for a vacation soon. Hopefully for that I want to decide on a place that will fit my budget and needs. The many travel websites that provide video feeds about the locations and packages are one of my most checked sites.

I can use the connection to book tickets for plane, train and taxis easily and don’t worry about hanged pages or PCs. There is always an ease in surfing and clarity when the internet speed is high.

Travel requires Google map and I rely heavily on Google maps while driving in the city for smooth travel. I know it is very hard to find a shop or other locations when every other street looks the same.

The quality of the YouTube videos are high when the internet speed is high. I can listen to many songs while I travel to work. During leisure time, I can catch up with the latest news from around the world or brainstorm about a new idea with my friends on Whatsapp or facebook.

There are many meditation videos which I like to watch and they calm me down after a hectic day. I prefer to start my day by listening to sacred chants while I do my morning prayers. I get irritated when a video starts to buffer while I am chanting along while I pray. So a high speed internet will help me find easy access to my spiritual routines as well.

I am going to buy one SIM right away. I can use it to pursue my many online interests without any disturbance. And that too at such good rates. It is highly valuable for my money and time. I will definitely try this out and I can’t wait to see the ease with which my favorite sites load. So it is time to change to 4G internet.