Thursday, 16 April 2015

Neither / nor

Neither / nor is used in a sentence, in the negative sense, when you want to state that two or more things are not true simultaneously. When these two conjunctions are used as a pair, the two expressions that are linked should be of same grammatical status:

·         Two words:
Example: Neither muggles nor witches visited the house again.

·         Two phrases:
Example: The weather in Bengaluru is neither too hot nor too cold.

·         Two clauses:
Example: My sister is a person who questions neither what she sees nor what she hears.

Now for some exercise.

Combine the following sentences using neither…nor…

1.       Rema is not beautiful. She is not intelligent.

2.       Ravi does not attend the class regularly. He does not learn his lessons either.

3.       This book is not interesting. It is not useful either.

4.       Saran did not pass the test. Abhinav did not pass the test.

5.       Mohan does not play cricket. His brother also does not play cricket.


1.       Rema is neither beautiful nor intelligent.

2.       Ravi neither attends the class regularly nor learns his lessons.

3.       This book is neither interesting nor useful.

4.       Neither Saran nor Abhinav passed the test.

5.       Neither Mohan nor his brother plays cricket.

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