Monday, 23 March 2015

My most favourite TED talk

I love watching TED talks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment , Design . They often create talks that come with the tag line, ideas worth spreading. You can watch thousands of these videos on youtube and they give you glimpses into ideas that are worth spreading.

My most favorite Ted talk is one given by Elizabeth Gilbert where she talks about her elusive creative genius, the secret power behind her creativity, behind every creative entity.

It talks about the success that came with her book EAT, PRAY, LOVE and how people just expect her to recreate the magic of the book in her next books. It tells of her insecurities, her fears and the blocks that she encountered in her writing journey. Read the full script of the talk HERE.

This is one talk that I hear over and over again to get inspired to get over my inertia.

Truly motivating, this one talk can do wonders to your writing spirit. It is hilarious, thought provoking and informative at the same time. I adore Elizabeth Gilbert and this talk just glorifies the spirit that Elizabeth Gilbert is.

So folks, find a silent corner and listen to the genius talk about the elusive creative genius.

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